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Review plan benefits & costs

Get a quick overview of your plan benefits and costs, and find more detailed information about additional coverage and benefit services.

AT&T Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) Plan


Benefits and costs

AT&T Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) Plan

Annual medical deductible


Annual out-of-pocket maximum


Office and clinic visits

$0 copay primary care
$30 copay specialist visit
$0 copay virtual doctor visit

Hospital services (inpatient)

$100 copay per admit 

Hospital services (outpatient)

$100 copay

Prescription drug coverage

Tier 1: $0 copay
Tier 2: $4 copay
Tier 3: $40 copay
Tier 4: 40% coinsurance
Tier 5: 33% coinsurance


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Group retiree benefits for AT&T

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