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Learn about plan types

Get a better understanding of your plan type and learn about the benefits it offers. To verify your plan type, review plan benefits and costs.

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans

These plans combine services of Medicare Part A and Part B into a single plan, and come from a Medicare-approved private insurer, like UnitedHealthcare®, who contracts with the Federal government. Many MA plans offer extra benefits beyond Original Medicare, often including prescription drug coverage, at no additional cost beyond the monthly plan premium.

There are different types of MA plans. Learn more about your MA plan type:

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans

An HMO plan allows you to receive care from any of the physicians and hospitals in your plan's network*. You must select a primary care provider   , who oversees your care and will refer you to a specialist if you need one.

With an HMO plan, your preventive care is covered and your out-of-pocket costs    are usually lower than other plans.These plans generally do not provide coverage outside the network of contracted providers, except in emergencies.

*In most cases, if you obtain routine care from out-of-network providers, neither Medicare nor the Medicare Advantage HMO plan will be responsible for the costs.

Senior Supplement plans

These plans are similar to Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans, in that they help cover some of the
out-of-pocket costs    that an Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan doesn't cover. Available through private insurance companies, like UnitedHealthcare, Senior Supplement plans usually have more flexible, customized benefits.

These plans are regulated in each state they are offered and are not part of the Medicare program.

Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)

Medicare Part D plans can help you save money on prescription drugs. Medicare and your plan pay part of your drug costs, and you pay the rest. Our Part D plans provide coverage nationwide and have a drug list    with thousands of brand name and generic prescription drugs. There are more than 65,000 pharmacies in our network.

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